February 2017

Streaming edge server reduced bandwidth
Full service restored.
Feb 20, 14:19-14:41 SAST
Slow report response times
Queries for download and stream reports should work within expected times.
Feb 9, 12:44 - Feb 10, 12:19 SAST

January 2017

Feature Release - HTTPS images and resources
We have released an update today to ensure we use only HTTPS resources in our website, RSS feeds and embedded podcast players. This ensures HTTPS-only loading for all users of our embedded podcast players. Note that because we use Amazon Cloudfront CDN to distribute these resources this requires SNI support in the browsers. Old browsers may fail to load images correctly but the player will still be fully functional. (Affected browsers are a very small single-digit percentage of our traffic, so impact should be low.)
Jan 31, 15:57 SAST
Cleared automated podcast entries from reports
We have noticed a large spike in automated (non-human) podcast file access between 1 and 8 January 2017. This has resulted in inflated podcast download data for all our providers over the period in question. We've removed these entries from our data set and updated our analytics portal to prevent them in the future. Accurate download metrics is of the utmost importance to us, and we apologise for any inconvenience.
Jan 23, 11:14 SAST

December 2016

Google logins failing
We have updated our Google Account logins and user should now be able to login again.
Dec 9, 18:35 - Dec 11, 22:11 SAST
Feature Release
We've release updated reports today that contains two often requested features for our live-streaming and podcast publishers: - Web users: while we still cannot provide a unique listener count over all our podcast and stream accesses we have integrated Google Analytics tracking to our embedded player and on our website. This allows us to show a number of unique listeners with a graph of daily activity on our reports. This only includes plays from our modern players on modern web browsers, and excludes any listens from fallback players or access via RSS feeds using iTunes or other applications. This figure does not represent a 100% accurate amount and will always be lower than the actual, as various factors can cause listens even on modern browsers not to be tracked correctly - due to for example ad blockers, anonymizers, firewalls or congested mobile networks. We started tracking this data from 1 September 2016, and reports on periods previous to this will not reflect any data for these fields. This feature is available on both our podcast and live-streaming reports. - Stream uptime: stream reports now include the uptime information for a stream over the period of the report. No connection is perfect and this allows providers to see how well they're doing.
Dec 7, 16:29 SAST

November 2016

Feature Release - Internal updates for advertising reports
This incident has been resolved.
Nov 21, 13:58-15:32 SAST

October 2016

Release - Episode import and delete fixes
We've release an update to fix two issues: - Some episodes that were imported with a low sample rate failed to play correctly. We've republished affected episodes. - Another fix to ensure episodes are deleted correctly and do not get stuck in the archiving state. We apologise for any publishers affected by these issues. Please contact us if you still experience problems around these items.
Oct 11, 13:38 SAST
Release - Website
Features & fixes: - Episodes can now be published to an archived state, ideal for pre-publishing content for later release. - See updated article on publishing: http://support.iono.fm/knowledgebase/articles/454070-how-do-i-publish-episodes-what-files-can-i-use - Cleanups to publishing cycle to make publishing and archiving easier and more self-explanatory. - Reduced average import and publish time for episodes by about 30%. - Fixes to our delete feature to prevent some items staying in an archived state. - Fixes to schedule and admin management when editing channels.
Oct 10, 13:19 SAST
Release - Embed
Features & fixes: - Live-streams now show a different error message to end users if the stream is offline. - Live-streams on Windows 7 now reverts to MP3 stream to ensure correct playback.
Oct 10, 13:17 SAST

September 2016

Feature Release - Embeds
Features and fixes released for our embed: - song titles that are longer than the display area will now scroll - fixes for streaming in Internet Explorer - fixes around volume changing
Sep 22, 15:26 SAST
Feature Release - Website
Features and fixes released for our website: - providers can now delete episodes and channels, a long-standing feature request - new front page and product pages to cover our podcast and streaming packages and prices - reworked site footer to provide easier support requests and better access to our FAQ, status page and other relevant pages - fixes for Google+ logins, fractional values for dynamic ad campaigns, link to status page on service downtime
Sep 22, 15:25 SAST
Website failure for logged in users
All services are fully operational sine 16.57.
Sep 13, 16:46-17:45 SAST
Primary stream edge nodes offline
Full network access to our primary edge network has been restored after 15 minutes of unavailability between 12.42 to 12.57.
Sep 7, 12:57-13:16 SAST

August 2016

No incidents reported for this month.

July 2016

[Scheduled] Database migration
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Jul 1, 16:00-17:00 SAST

June 2016

No incidents reported for this month.

May 2016

Incorrect spike in downloads and slower reporting aggregation
Maintenance has completed and reporting has returned to normal operation.
May 11, 11:28-23:07 SAST

April 2016

[Scheduled] Datacenter networking upgrade
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Apr 4, 23:00 - Apr 5, 05:00 SAST

March 2016

Slow database response times
We have switched over to a secondary instance of our data store and are seeing a return to normal response times. Most services should now function normally. We will investigate further to determine what triggered this behaviour.
Mar 31, 16:31-16:44 SAST
Over reporting of podcast downloads between 13pm and 15pm on March 10
We have developed a script to perform this fix, and this has now been run on our production dataset. All values for March 10 has been removed and will now start rebuilding without the duplicated values. We expect all reporting data for yesterday to be available in a few hours.
Mar 10, 19:05 - Mar 11, 15:27 SAST
Third-party logins failing
We've deployed a fix for Facebook and Google logins which should be working again now.
Mar 2, 13:06-15:27 SAST

February 2016

Service-wide outage
A routing error interfered with network traffic between our server farm and our primary database provider. This seems to have been a transient issue, prompted by hardware changes at our server hosting provider. This resulted in approximately 10 minutes downtime. While the cause was outside our control, we still apologise for any inconvenience.
Feb 29, 15:16-15:33 SAST

January 2016

[Scheduled] Database migrate affecting publishing operations
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Jan 18, 18:00-20:00 SAST

December 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

November 2015

Intermittent networking issues
This incident has been resolved.
Nov 10, 16:05-17:35 SAST
Wide outage affecting import, website and embedded player
We experienced a wide outage at 14h40 today lasting less than 2 minutes, affecting our imports, website and embedded player. All errors were tied to hosts on a specific hosting provider, and we suspect an short outage in their networking access. All systems appear to operate normally again, but we are monitoring the situation. Note that some imports done during this exact time-frame may experience issues that require a re-import of the affect episode. We apologise for the inconvenience.
Nov 5, 17:19 SAST

October 2015

Critical server error
We have resolved this issue and all services have been restored. We are monitoring the situation and apologise for the inconvenience.
Oct 20, 11:43-12:04 SAST
Podcast imports failing
We've deployed an update to fix this issue, and triggered retries for all affected items. Affected items are being processed and will become available shortly.
Oct 12, 16:26-17:35 SAST

September 2015

[Scheduled] Network maintenance affecting our live-streaming
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Sep 30, 11:30-11:45 SAST
Podcast importing failures
We have resolved the issue with our podcast imports, and all backlog items are being processed normally now. Please allow a few minutes for your pending items to be imported. We apologise for any inconvenience.
Sep 14, 12:56-14:50 SAST

August 2015

Login function unavailable
On Sunday a network connectivity issue outside our control broke access to our users database. This issue caused our login function to be unavailable to our users, preventing new content to be published and user playlists to be inaccessible. This issue has been resolved.
Aug 17, 11:14 SAST

July 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

June 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

May 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

April 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

March 2015

No incidents reported for this month.