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Past Incidents

11th February 2021

Upload & import Podcast publishing outage

UPDATE: This issue has now been resolved at our backend provider, new podcasts are publishing correctly, and affected podcasts are busy being published.

One of our service providers is experiencing a critical issue with their cloud based storage, making it impossible for our platform to publish new podcast episodes.

They are aware of the issue and are currently working on resolving this. (See

Once this outage is resolved on their side, podcasts should start publishing again and all outstanding imports will be completed.

We apologise for the inconvenience, we hope this can be resolved soon.

We will monitor the situation and ensure any pending podcast imports are completed once the situation is resolved.

10th February 2021

No incidents reported

9th February 2021

Website & admin portal Partial outage of website and embedded player

At just after 16h00 we experienced issues on some of our web hosts and traffic was not rerouted automatically.

This caused issues to some of users when:

  • accessing the website
  • loading the web player

As of 16h20 we've rerouted remaining traffic and all issues should be resolved for users.

NOTE: Podcast and stream playback was not affected.

8th February 2021

No incidents reported

7th February 2021

No incidents reported

6th February 2021

No incidents reported

5th February 2021

No incidents reported